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Johanna is currently working on her debut novel, which she hopes will be available soon.


Johanna’s short story OldFish, about a pensioner who catfishes a teenager, won both third prize and the Samson Award for the highest placed entry from a Bristol writer at the 2022 Bristol Short Story Prize.

The story has been published – along with the 19 other shortlisted and winning entries – in the competition’s 15th anthology, which can be purchased here.

“OldFish is a clever, darkly funny and ultimately heart-breaking story that stays with you.”

Jennie Godfrey, author of The List of Suspicious Things

Johanna also writes dark short stories about horrible people doing horrible things. If you would like to read any of the following short stories, get in touch and Johanna will send you a copy.


When Maura is in an explosion on the London Underground, she is desperate to find her precious handbag before she is rescued. What is in the bag and why does Maura have to find it before anyone else does? Handbag won third prize in the Aeon Awards 2018.


OAP Maureen pretends to be a teenager so that she can form an online friendship with a bullied girl. However, what happens when that friendship takes a dark turn? OldFish won the Samson Award for the highest-placed Bristol writer and third place overall at the 2022 Bristol Short Story prize.

Sheldon’s Mask

Cynical surgeon Dr Sheldon is irritated by her less experienced colleagues. But when a surgery goes wrong, who was it that made the fatal error? Sheldon’s Mask made it to the top 5% of the 2021 Bridport Short Story competition.


A young man who has recently moved house mourns the end of a relationship with an unfaithful ex. Who was really to blame for the end of that romance?

Terror Of The Slow Lane

Flash fiction in which a teenage boy terrorises his fellow swimmers. What is he swimming away from?


A husband and wife rehash their mistakes in a bitter argument on their way home from a wedding. Warfare was longlisted for the Henshaw Story Short competition in September 2021.

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